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Breakroom Memories from Edie Felts-Podoll

A story from Edie Felts-Podoll Our break room at the Adams County Extension Office wasn’t really a break room.  No one came in to sit down or share a story, but we did slip in and out to get a fresh cup of coffee, which was important to the Extension Office.  I wasn’t a big […]

Margaret Doornick with Award

Memories of Margaret Doornick, a Valuable 4-H Volunteer

   Notes by Chuck Prissel; Polk County 4-H Agent/ 4-H Plant and Soil Science Committee Liaison I first met Margaret when she was state president of the Wisconsin Garden Club Association, and they were having their state conference in Eau Claire.  I was working on my Master’s Degree at UW-Eau Claire in biology (botany) and […]


Green Lake County passes Centennial Resolution

The county board in Green Lake County passed the Cooperative Extension Centennial Resolution this earlier in November. We would like to thank our colleagues, partners and volunteers for making this happen! Click here to see the Green Lake County Resolution (PDF)


Vernon County passes Centennial Resolution!

Vernon County has passed the 48th Centennial Resolution. We send a big thank you out to the county board, our colleagues, clients and partners in Vernon County for helping to make Cooperative Extension a success! See the Vernon County Centennial Resolution here (pdf).


Adams County Board passes Centennial Resolution!

The Adams County Board passed the 47th Cooperative Extension Centennial Resolution, meaning we only  have 25 counties left to go! Our thanks to the county board as well as our colleagues, clients and community partners for their past and continued support of Cooperative Extension in Adams County! You can see the Adams County Centennial Resolution […]

Marve Beatty headshot

How Cooperative Extension Educated People Through Farmer’s Insitutes

Marvin Beatty: Extension Specialist, Program Leader and Associate Dean 1956-1988 “For several decades, one of Cooperative Extension’s key means of spreading new, science-based information to rural audiences was through Farmers Institutes. These events were set up by the county agent, often in collaboration with retail merchants in the local town. The program for these events […]