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    1. Note: I cannot think of any Centennial Celebration for UW-Extension without acknowledging E.L Luther, the first state Extension agent not only in Wisconsin, but in the entire USA. Here is some information which should be included on the History page which is currently blank:

      First County Agent: In 1911, the Wisconsin Legislature provided funds for counties to jointly employ with the University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture “an agriculturist who is an agent of a restricted area, a county or a part of one.” The Oneida County Board sent three of their members to ask the University for this service, with expenses to be shared on a 50/50 basis. This Wisconsin innovation preceded the 1914 Smith-Lever Act.

      Oneida County hired the very first Extension agent in the country, Mr. E.L. Luther. Go to this URL,( to find a picture of E.L. Luther posing with his motorcycle on Davenport Street in Rhinelander, with the Oneida County Court House in the background. The Oneida County Court House with its lighted stained glass dome, recently refurbished, is still standing today as the original.

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